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377 Creepypasta, Translated

Posted by Fungli - June 27th, 2022

The original creepypasta can be read here:


A torn, scratched booklet was found on Margaret Island in Budapest. The text comes from the following pages:

[no date]

I came home. I escaped. IT found me. I’ve had nightmares for a over week now, and I’ve seen the number 377 everywhere in my dreams. That's how it started with Natasa. God! I don't want to end up like her. No one has seen her since, we don't know what happened to her. I had nightmares for a week now and I saw IT awake. Of course, always just out of the corner of my eye. When I looked there, IT disappeared immediately. I don't think IT likes being watched. Yesterday, I once saw it only completely. I was home alone, I went to the bathroom and the door was closed. I may only think about this because of the paranoia, but I don’t remember closing it. When I opened it, IT was in there. IT had their back to me and leaned over the tub. When I opened it, IT immediately turned it's head and looked straight at me. IT had big, round, white eyes, and it was as if it had no arms. There was a strange H-like sign on his back. I only saw it for a moment. I immediately closed my eyes out of reflex. I just blinked, but by the time I opened it, It was no longer there. That was enough then. I grabbed a little tent, a dosen of clothes, money, a flashlight and went away from home. IT knows where I live. IT knows… IT knows I live there. Maybe if I sleep elsewhere, I won’t have nightmares. Maybe they think they were wrong and then it leaves the house. I'm going home less. I wish I would never go back again, but my parents and sister shouldn’t know, something’s wrong. I'll say I'm with my friends. I’ve had problems in the past and don’t want to go to a psychiatrist again to take sedatives. I never had hallucinations, I know it’s real. Natasa also disappeared, and she too dreamed of the number 377 all the time, and she too had seen IT several times. By the end, she was behaving very strangely, she didn't go in for class, she was constantly looking behind her back, screaming at everyone. She had been taking sedatives for a while, then for a while she seemed a little better, but then she disappeared overnight.

I think this thing somehow only exists in the human mind. It will become more and more dangerous and insistent the more we fear it.

December 2

I was wrong. So far, I thought It was just chasing me, but that’s not true. I saw it in various parts of the city, but I thought IT was following me. A couple of days ago, I saw someone on the street following someone. There were only two of us on the street, the other man came on the opposite side of the road. At first I thought two people were coming, but when I looked there, the back figure looked at me and disappeared immediately. it had big white eyes. It was them. The man on the other side, I saw how often looked back nervously. He saw it too.

I took the subway last night. There were hardly a few in the car, there were only two of us sitting at the end. Opposite me sat a bearded, run-down man. He smelled of alcohol. He looked at me a lot. I could almost wait to hear it. He said, " Hey you, someone is following me." He explained for a while, I didn’t pay attention to it, I pretended not to hear it, but then he said what I had in my head. “Its eyes are glowing and it has no arms! Did you see this “now”? ” He must have seen IT. IT roams the city freely and I think it's hunting. It follows people for some reason, causes nightmares, makes them paranoid, and then I don’t know what it’s doing. All I know is that Natasa started to see it first, then disappeared without a trace. Maybe It ate her, or somehow… It's bad to think about it. This is something is crawling around town here and eating people up overnight.

I have guilt…

December 8

At first, I thought this creature only existed somehow in people’s imaginations, or somehow without matter. I thought it because it never made any sound and it disappeared immediately when I looked at it as if it weren’t even there. I don't think so anymore. I think this thing is just as real as a beast, so its no use if we don’t think about it or try not to be afraid of it.

I have had my tent in the same place for a while now, I spend many nights there. It’s December, so I sleep under a blanket in a sleeping bag, I bought most of it out of my own money so I don’t have a suspicion of a shortage at home. Looks like this thing was noticed in my camp. That night I heard someone crawling out there. I thought it was an animal, so I didn’t care for it, but it didn’t go away, and I felt worse and worse and i kept thinking about the number 377. I couldn’t think of anything else, that number was in my head and I couldn’t fall asleep. I grabbed my lamp and walked out of the tent. As I highlighted, IT ran away. It was the one, I clearly saw It. Now, not only did it simply disappear as usual, but it ran away and snuggled out there to hear what I heard. IT had never made any sound before. Strange. Maybe it's just starting to get real?

December 20.

I still have nightmares and I see the number 377 wherever I look, but the creature is gone. I'm very happy about that, I dare to stay home again, but I found something worrying. On a blog on the internet, I can no longer remember where, direct scary stories and pictures were collected. There were pictures of the same creature from three different people. it had round white eyes, no arms, and even a large letter H like symbol on one of the pictures. The number 377 was there in some form in all three images. I’ve been searching everywhere on the internet for signs of that creature, and I’ve also found several questions on frequently asked questions about the number 377 and an armless creature, what it means to be seen or dreamed of. There were questions even as of that date, and they also said in it that the creature could “teleport” because it would disappear as soon as they looked at it. There were also those who said they opened doors in their house, opened the refrigerator, or smashed plates. More and more people are seeing this, it is not a good sign, it isnt very good. I hope it just walks just here in the city where I saw him and doesn’t go far.

December 24

I saw him again. Many times. I have to sleep elsewhere, it keeps crawling around my tent here and again it makes no noise, I just see it. If I look at it, it just disappears again. I haven’t slept in days, I’m sick, the 377 is constantly floating in front of my eyes. … Natasa seemed fine before she disappeared. Maybe I’ll go home, go to a psychiatrist and I’ll take medication too. Just for a while until I get a little better.

Poor Natasa. She was in it too, she was also involved in the “game”. We shouldn't have tried. Back then, of course, we thought there would be nothing wrong with it, it just seemed like a joke, but the end was that this thing got out. I’m sure others have disappeared since then, not just her. I don’t want to disappear, I don’t want it to take me away, but I can’t take it anymore. F#ck, why isn't there a f#cking exit button here, I can't take it anymore.

December 26

[barely readable, trembling handwriting]

i escaped again i was attacked i was at home and I saw he was in the room and I looked at him and scratched his foot then it disappeared !!! Here is the scratch on my shoulder !!! My hood broke, it was a sure reality !!! I'm going to die i'm dont want it to take me- i don't want to- i want get out !!! [unreadable handwriting and scribbles are on the rest of the page. The booklet still shows the location of many torn pages, the remaining pages are blank, or have rudimentary drawings of a dark, armless human figure surrounded by signs resembling the letter H, as well as the number 377]

Author: selike20 Original author is anonymous

Translated By: Fungli


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